Ravaged Zoey Mod by Zaigo RootOverload
The first nude Zoey for Left 4 Dead now available for Left 4 Dead 2

Ravaged Revival

July 1, 2014 by Aperture Science

I have revived this domain to put up a new site for this rather popular and sought after Zoey mod. I have been working on getting it fixed up for proper Left 4 Dead 2 support (thanks to help from a few good Source modelling communities) to include facial animations, holding melee weapons correctly, showing melee weapons correctly (on backs of survivors) as well as trying to keep the jiggle bone effects intact. For those keeping track, we have used the 0.8 version from L4D1 as the one to bring into L4D2. Download in the grey bar up above.

History of Zaigo and this site:

After a bit of researching I finally managed to get a modified Zoey model in the game. After much zombie fighting, the zombies have finally ripped almost all her clothes off..

This is not a skin, this is a completely new model for Zoey. She has some clothes on, but hardly enough to cover anything at all.

You will also notice that her "lovelies" bounce when she runs or walks, and Francis, Louis, and Bill can't stop staring. Now get your tissues out, lock the door, download the mod and enjoy, you pervert.

Due to the way shadows are cast in the game, dark vertical shadow lines will appear on Zoey's skin when shining the flash-light on her. To fix this, either set your shader detail to medium or your effect detail to low. This will disable shadows. Turn them off if you don't want to see the lines on Zoey.

I don't know if the shadows are still a concern, but it's noted. There are a few weight map issues to fix on her lower chest area. Jiggle bones also a bit sensitive at times. This might also be why her legs appear to have bites taken out of them.

I have been inspired by God to turn away from sin and discontinue this mod. I recommend whoever visits this site to also turn away from sin and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour immediately. We don't know when Christ will return, it could be at any second, we should all be prepared.

This was the last update on his original site from June 2009 and seems to be the last known update to his original L4D1 mod (around when Crash Course released).